Help and Dcoumentation

Instruction Manual Version 1.0

To apply for any post in this eMPSConline website, intending candidates need to register a ONE TIME REGISTRATION process by clicking the SIGN UP located at the top right corner.


1.       Soft copy of Passport Photograph

2.       Soft copy of Signature

3.       Soft copy of Age proof certificate

4.       If Person with Limited Ability, certificate for the same.

Once this ONE TIME REGISTRATION is complete, complete your PROFILE by submitting all the relevant details. This includes

1.       Upload your Passport Photograph and signature.

2.       Add/ Modify Personal Info.

3.       Add/ Modify Parents info.

4.       Add Modify Education info.

5.       Add/ Modify Language and Physical Nature.

6.       Add/ Modify experience.

Once all the information are submitted and uploaded, only then you can apply for the POST. Any incomplete INFORMATION WILL BE REJECTED.




·         Open your browser and type

·         If you are a new user, then click on the SIGN UP link at the top right corner.

·         If you have already registered, click on the LOGIN link.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\signup.jpg

Your NAME should exactly match as per your certificates.

Your e-mail ID will be your user login.

Your Mobile number will be used for any further correspondence.

Your date of birth should be as per your certificates.


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!account created.jpg

Once the details are filled up you will get a screen as shown above.

You need to open your email account to verify your user ID.

Click on the link provided in your email account to verify.


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!mail confirmation.jpg

Once you click on the link you will get a verification message.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!account verified.jpg


Now log in to the system to complete the registration process with your email ID as the user name and enter your password.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\login.jpg

Following is the HOME SCREEN

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\homescreen.jpg

You have to fully fill up and upload all the required before you can apply for any POST

Upload your Passport Photograph and your signature by clicking on the PROFILE icon present in the TOP right Corner.

Click PHOTO &Signature.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!profilephoto.jpg


Choose your PASSPORT photograph by clicking on “CHOOSE FILE  ( your passport should be not more than 110px width and 140 px height and size not more than 40 KB).

Once you have chosen the photo, click on the “CHANGE” button to upload it.

Follow the steps for Signature also.

STEPS are marked in RED in the following screenshot.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\blankProfilephoto.jpg



Now you have to complete all the details. This includes Personal Information, Parents Information, educational Information, Language and Physical information and also experience.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\homescreenafterPhotoupdation.jpg


Upload your age proof certificate by clicking on “AGE PROOF” button.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\personalInformation.jpg

After entering all the relevant information correctly, click on the “SAVE & Goto Next Page .

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\personalSAVE and Next.jpg

Now fill up your parents information.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\parentsInfoPage.jpg

After completing click on the “SAVE & GOTO NEXT STEP” as shown below.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!parentsAfterFillingUp.jpg

Now you will see the Next screen which relates to entering your educational details.

Now you can enter all your educational qualifications. Enter the name of the Exam, University/ Board, year of passing, major subjects. For Division, Grade, percentage and CGPA, write only which is applicable, other select NA ( not applicable)

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!educationalBlank.jpg

Click on “ADD” to save and add your educational details.

Again repeat the above steps to add other educational details. You are no longer required to upload any educational related certificates

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\ADDEXAM.jpg

All your educational details will be listed.

After completion of your educational details you will see a screen similar to this.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!afterAdditionof Certtificates.jpg

Now select your Highest Qualification by selecting from the DROP DOWN menu, and clicking on “SET HIGHEST QUALIFICATION”.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!setHighestQualification.jpg

If you have set BE (Computer) as your highest qualification, it will be seen as below.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!afterSettingHighestQualification.jpg

Click on “Save & Goto Next”





You will have to enter the Language and Physical Nature.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\languageandPhysical.jpg

In the Language textbox, write the language that you know. Example: write MANIPURI and then select from the Language state “SPEAK, READ & WRITE” and then click “ADD”.  Again repeat the above step for ENGLISH. On the Language text box write ENGLISH and then select  SPEAK, READ & WRITE” and click on “ADD”.

Continue this step of ADD for all the language that you know.

. Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!addlanguage.jpg


If you are a “DIFFERENTLY ABLED PERSON  tick on the check box and select the code from the drop down list. Also mentioned the DEGREE. Upload the certificate issued by relevant authority.

Click on “Save & Goto Next”

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\blankPhysicalNature.jpg

The Next screen is for the Experience and Previous employment.

Fill Up all the details as per the explanation provided in the form.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!expNemployment.jpg


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!employemtnFilledUp.jpg


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!saveforCompleteProfile.jpg







Now you will be seeing the various advertisement of MPSC.

You can click on the Advertisement number to see the details of the advertisement. You can also go to the HOME PAGE to see the detailed advertisement in PDF copy.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!afterCopletionofProfile.jpg


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!detailsofNotice.jpg



Now you are ready to apply for the post.  You can click on the “APPLY” button to apply for the post. If you have already applied for the post then a message will appear showing that you have already applied.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!AlredayApplied.jpg


Once you click on the “APPLY” button, the system will check whether you are eligible to apply by cheking various conditions such as category, age, educational qualification etc. If any of the criteria is not matching it will display a message and you cannot apply. If the basic criteria are matching then you can apply.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!ageNoteligible.jpg

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!apply1.jpg

Now Select your matching choice of essential Qualification as per the advertisement depicted in 1 and 1.

Similarly, select your matching/ preferred desired Qualification as per the advertisement depicted as 2 and 2.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!essentialAndDEsired.jpg


Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!apply3.jpg

Now read the declaration and tick on the check box. Now you can apply for the post by clicking on the “APPLY” button.

If the post you are applying is already expired, it will display a message saying that it has expired.

Description: E:\MPSC\development\manual screen shots\!PostExpired.jpg


After clicking on the “APPLY” button, you will be taken to the payment gateway page for ONLINE payment of the fees.

Select the preferred choice of Payment.


Enter all the relevant information and click on “PAY NOW”.


You will see this screen after successful payment confirmation. Submission of application form for application of the post is considered to be complete only after successful payment.



You will also receive an email with the details of the payment.

Now you can click on the VIEW MY APPLICATION to see whether you have successfully applied.

You can see the status of your application.

As per the screen shot, these are the details of your application

Application no is               : 51

Post                                       : IT officer

No. of Post                         : 5

Category                              : General

Department                       : Trial department

Submission date               : 19th December 2015

Status                                   : Under process

Admit card                        : Not yet generated ( Once it is generated, you will get a link to download the admit card. You will also get the admit card in your email also)

Verified                              : not yet verified. (Your online application is subjected to offline verification, this will be enabled/ ticked once it is verified offline)

Is DAP?                                                 : Are you a Differently Abled Person.



Check your status of your application by LOGIN into the using your user name and the password.